Chartering at Bay Shipping A/S

Bulk and project cargo
of every kind

At Bay Shipping A/S we have the capacity and the necessary know-how to handle bulk and project cargo of every kind. We are specialized in grain, feedstuff, concrete, coal and wood pellets and we handle all other commodities aswell.

As a serious and professional actor we stride to always ensure that our clients get the most reliable and consistent service.

The Right Trade

With our focus on finding optimum solutions for our clients we draw on our experience and vast network in our search for the best trades, collaborations and prices. We deal with brokers and traders from granaries and other industries, and we have an understanding of the needs and priorities of every sector.

As Few Surprises
as Possible

At Bay Shipping A/S we know that no one in the shipping industry likes unexpected surprises. Our minds are always occupied with providing the most reliable price indications and time tables for our clients.