We keep the chain together

Whether we operate through the shipping harbour or a port of call, at Bay Shipping A/S we are more than capable of administering all shipping related communications and coordination including all the mandatory safety procedures all through the logistics chain. We live up to the highest standards and apply the newest technology with great personal engagement.

Everything is in order

Entrust Bay Shipping A/S with all the practical details. We organize and administer communications between trading parties, port authorities, ship crews and captains. At the same time, we deal with the necessary formalities concerning official documents, consignment notes etc.

When you deal with Bay Shipping A/S you can expect handling and service at a level we think of as higher than the industry standard.

Comply with your wishes

At Bay Shipping A/S we have the necessary connections and contacts to comply with every need on board, and we communicate and broker between trading partners involved in international shipping. We are in other words a full-service agency more than suitable to handle both the important planning & coordination and the practical tasks attached to getting your cargo from one place to another.