Bay Shipping A/S operates as our link between shipping line, captain and other involved parties. The company’s experience, knowledge of the industry and skills locating the right partners make it a natural choice, both regarding clearing and shipping. Bay Shipping A/S has developed a strong sense of our company and our way of doing business and therefore has our full confidence—which is crucial to us. Bay Shipping A/S represents our company and thus it is neccessary that the they live up to our standards.

We have never experienced Bay Shipping A/S not meeting our expectations, and we have worked together since the mid 1990s. Staying ahead of the curve enables Bay Shipping A/S to solve challenges before they become problems.”

Henrik Moltrup, Dansk Landbrug og Grovvareselskab

We have been working with Bay Shipping A/S since the mid 1990’s, and we will continue to work together for years to come. They manage to deliver every time. They are punctual and credible which is why they have our full confidence.

Bay Shipping A/S serves not only as our communications and logistics manager. They both give us advice on the current market—which trends apply now—and help us find the best solution every time.

Juan Antonio, Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Bay Shipping A/S is one of our preferred companies when it comes to chartering. We have been working with Bay Shipping A/S for several years, and expect to continue our relationship for years to come. Their expertise and extensive network make them a natural choice for us.

They are professional, punctual and reliable – that is a must in our business. Time is money. On average we use Bay Shipping A/S twice a week and we are extremely happy with their services. Whatever the need, Bay Shipping A/S is always in our mind.”

Frederico Campos, Interpec Iberica

We have been very satisfied with our collaboration with Bay Shipping A/S.

We had our first collaboration with Bay Shipping A/S this year. The job was to ship one of our mobile cranes from Sweden to Denmark and back to Sweden. Bay Shipping A/S handled everything related to the shipping and they definitely met our expectations. They responded quickly to our inquiries, which was very satisfying.

We are positive towards using Bay Shipping A/S again sometime in the future

Niels Hoffmann Jensen, UN Mobilkraner A/S