The Connecting Link

Whether operating in the loading or the discharging port, Bay Shipping A/S is fully capable and comfortable administering all shipping-related communication and coordination, including all required safety procedures, throughout the logistics chain. We aim to comply with the highest standards possible, applying the latest technology and great personal dedication.

Keeping Everything in Order

Organizing and managing communications between traders, port authority and ship crew and captain, we make certain that all documents, shipper/receivers, consignment notes and other formalities and practicalities are taken care of. Dealing with Bay Shipping A/S, our clients are met with a level of service and support we believe to be well above standard.

Accommodating Clients’ Requests

At Bay Shipping A/S we have the necessary connections and contacts to meet whatever needs may arise aboard the vessel, and we’re used to dealing with and mediating between all parties involved in international shipping. In other words Bay Shipping A/S is an all-service agency more than adept at dealing with both essential planning and coordination and the everyday practicalities associated with shipping cargo from one place to another.